Dreamland Intelliheat Premium Fleece Fitted Double Electric Underblanket – Dual Control


A fleece like heated double underblanket.


This double electric underblanket has a soft fleece like upper surface. Hidden inside is the heating element. This is controlled by a pair of control units, meaning that you can have a different temperature setting on your side, compared to your partners side..

It has a Ready For Bed Fast Heat button that takes your bed from cold to cosy and warm in just 5 minutes.

The Intelliheat system constantly monitors the temperature to maintain a steady heat. Simply select your preferred temperature from the 5 options, then decide whether you want the heat to be on for just the first hour, or all night long and you are good to go.

Corner straps allow you to fit this heated underblanket to your mattress with ease.

Measures 150cm x 120cm.